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Phase 1: Capital Improvements

Campus Improvements & Upgrades: The 13-acre campus we call home is a perfect
oasis for serving the girls in our care. But, a few things are currently in need of, or will
soon require, some maintenance and improvements. Funds will be utilized for such
needs as: renovations in our relief cottage (Barrett) kitchen; new carpet in all existing
cottages; a gate and fence to help secure the entire campus; upgraded appliances in
all cottages; 2 new vans; repaving of our circle driveway; plus building a reserve for
inevitable repairs on existing buildings.

New Cottage: A safe, secure home environment, where hurting children can once again learn to live successfully within a family unit. This is what we strive every day to provide for the girls living with us so that we may work toward reuniting them with their family. We have reached a stage in our legacy where an additional cottage is now necessary in order to continue fulfilling this part of our mission. The new cottage will be similar in style to Bolin Cottage (built in 2008), providing a second primary residence with private bedroom accommodations, the perfect environment for ministering to the needs of the ages and population we serve.

Event Venue: Former CEO, Bill Rhodes, once had a vision for a space which would provide a healthy and safe outlet for the children living on our campus, as well as the children living in the community, to exercise and be active and play. The Bill Rhodes Gymnasium has provided exactly that for nearly 60 years. Today, we have a new vision - one that honors the purpose and legacy of Bill Rhodes while at the same time better utilizes this amazing space and provides a new method of reaching into our community. The original gym floor, which sustained substantial water damage, will be fixed, along with bringing the facility up to current codes and adding structures to make it more inviting, creating a dual-functioning gymnasium and event venue.

Phase 2: Educational Fund - $150,000

The Shellee Morrison Christian Learning Center provides an environment conducive to overcoming the educational hurdles the girls we care for often face, while at the same time removes some of the distractions and outside influences of public school through on-line learning. In addition, it allows a girl to work ahead if desired, to catch up if behind, or even advance beyond the level of her peers, even providing an avenue for receiving a high school diploma! 

The reality is, for some of the girls we serve, they will graduate through our program and launch into the world without much help from their families. As we work with girls nearing graduation, our goal is to prepare and equip them for their “next steps,” and hopefully that will include post-secondary education opportunities. For those who choose this path, we want to be able to help them along this journey through establishment of an educational scholarship fund.  A percentage of the new educational fund will be awarded each year to girls who successfully complete our programs to use as they pursue post-secondary education opportunities. In addition to blessing these girls beyond their stay with us, it will aid in maintaining and continuing to build relationships with our residents well into their future.

Phase 3: Endowment - $150,000

For over 70 years, Carpenter Place has been blessed with a rich history of restoring hope to thousands of children. Along every step of this journey, administration and stakeholders have provided the foresight and wisdom of establishing an endowment to secure the future of this amazing work. This has ensured the continuation and fulfillment of our mission to today. Our new endowment goal is to reach, and even surpass, $1,000,000 total in endowment funds to ensure we can continue restoring hope to the girls and families we serve.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, plant seeds for tomorrow, live a life worth living.

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