For over 70 years, Carpenter Place has existed in great part due to the generous support, encouragement, and donations of many individuals, organizations, and churches. Carpenter Place is a 501(c)(3) organization and is 100% privately funded. We could not do what we do without the help of those who support us. Gifts of all kinds are welcome and necessary for meeting the needs (emotional, spiritual, and physical) of our girls, our campus and facilities, our house-parents, and operations.

If you are looking to donate your time and talents in a mentor or volunteer capacity, please give us a call at 316.942.3221 for more information. A link to our Volunteer Application can be found in the "Commonly Requested Information" section of our Home Page.


Many options exist for financial donations. In addition to cash gifts, which are used to meet our current and long-term needs, other forms of donations include property, stock, estates and trusts. Our staff is available to discuss the variety of forms of donations available, as well as start a conversation about possible tax benefits of each form, for you to then discuss further with your tax advisor.

Checks or Cash - Of course, if you prefer, we can also accept checks or cash donations. Such donations should be directed to our office at 1501 N Meridian, Wichita, KS 67203. Please make checks payable to "Carpenter Place." If you wish to honor someone with your gift, please note their name on your check or an attached note. If contact information is provided, we will also mail a notice of the honorarium or memorial to the appropriate person.

Payroll Deductions - Many companies offer payroll deduction options to provide employees an easy method to contribute to charitable efforts in the community. If it's been awhile since you reevaluated your philanthropy, we encourage you to consider making Carpenter Place your charity of choice. You'll know exactly where your money is going and we'll keep you updated on how your employees contributions are helping Rebuild Families and Restore Lives. We’re available to present at staff meetings and to talk to your HR department to help you in your efforts. Call Sarah Holt to discuss this option further at 316.942.3221.

In-Kind Gifts - Giving real estate, whether a personal home, a business property, or undeveloped land, can provide a tax benefit to you while providing long-term financial support to Carpenter Place. Instead of a monetary donation, many choose to buy needed goods or services. This may include second-hand items, such as furniture or clothing, that you no longer need but which can benefit the girls at Carpenter Place. Other examples of in-kind donations include surplus items from a company such as office or school supplies. Items may be dropped off at our Campus Center or, if needed, arrangements can usually be made to pick up your donations from your location.

Real Estate  - Giving real estate, whether a personal home, a business property, or undeveloped land, can provide a tax benefit to you while providing long-term financial support to Carpenter Place.

Appreciated Stock - By donating appreciated stock which you have owned for at least one year, you may obtain a tax benefit and provide financial support to Carpenter Place.

Long-Term Giving (Trusts & Estates) - Planned giving generally takes on one of two forms: A legacy, which is a charitable gift provided for in a person's will (a bequest or devise), which typically comes out of their estate. It may also be a gift made during a donor's lifetime. This is a charitable gift in which the donor receives a tax benefit at the time of the gift, and usually also still obtains some type of other benefit associated with the donated property. These gifts are usually established with a contract that ends after a fixed period or upon the death of the donor or some other person. Long-term giving plans, including trusts and estates, must be established with the help of your tax account and/or attorney. 


If you do not yet have long-term giving plans decided, we'd love the opportunity to speak with you about the life changes you would ensure by including Carpenter Place in your plans.

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