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Formerly Maude Carpenter Children's Home

Carpenter Place is one of the most unique "children's homes" in the nation. We provide a Christian home environment, not a facility or an institution. Each girl is seen as a valuable child of God's kingdom and we focus on helping her realize her true potential and hopefully guiding her and her family to a successful reunion. We've been helping children and families in crisis for over 70 years. Today, we work specifically with girls and their families, and we do so thanks to the generous support of many caring individuals, churches and organizations.

"Deeply Hurting Girls"


Do you know a struggling, hurting girl that would benefit from a loving, stable, healing environment like Carpenter Place?

Our Christian Family Program and Christian Learning Center are designed to help girls ages 12 to 17 who are struggling with an array of "hurts." 


Some of the hurts we see may have been caused by divorce, illness, incarceration, or a death that may have occurred. Maybe there is a history of addiction within the home, or perhaps a parent has deserted the family. We also see hurts such as adoptions failing to connect with a diagnosis of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), sexual exploitation or abuse, socially risky behaviors, aging custodial grandparents, and the list goes on. These hurts produce behaviors that include poor decision making, the development of negative peer influences, and fractured family relationships.  

Sometimes, one of the greatest things we can offer a family is a simple break. A separation from the constant struggles, daily arguments, and battles can often give the girl and their family a chance to regroup and come together at family meetings for a deescalated conversation that gets to the root issues. In the meantime, our hope while the girl is in our care is they'll learn life, behavioral, and social skills, along with creating a greater faith in God.

Our loving house parents and trained staff help them learn to overcome such devastating situations and not only survive, but thrive! In addition, we work not just with the young ladies who come to us, but place special importance on working with the entire family (when appropriate) to help the child return to a healthier environment. 

Know a family or girl who needs our help? Anyone from anywhere can refer a girl to us. Please share our site with them; have them watch our videos; and encourage them to contact us.

Click here to access our application.

Our Administrative Team


Brady Bunch

Chief Executive Officer


Rachel DeCourcey

Office Administrator


Tiffany Jones

Director of Development


Teresa Worman

Director of Education


Jennifer Campbell

Director of Campus Life

Our House Parents

Our houseparents do an amazing job of providing Christian examples and teaching valuable lessons and life skills to the girls living in their homes. Harrold and Bolin cottages serve as our primary residences and Barrett cottage serves as our relief house.

House Parents
CrossBar Cottage

Luke & Jennifer Campbell

Bolin Cottage

Adam and Kayti Allen

Barrett Cottage
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